Hiatus, Baby Booboos, Crying Fit, Mama things and then some

Apologies apologies apologies! Yeppp, I got a lot of those right now! Ugh. I’m trying to survive this uber simple thing called motherhood and had to accept the painful truth that I’m still a noob when it comes to time management. To make a quite long (a month long worth) story short, the little boy got a bacterial infection AGAIN. This mama, never deals with rashes, cradle caps and the likes, we’re unto the bacteria levels. The little one seems to attract ’em good bacties. Waaah. And part of it was I had to observe him and my heart was put in a wringer when he was born because of bacterial infection too, on his blood. To say that it was horrific is really not covering anything about the experience at all. But then, I continued to read and read and read while taking care of my boy. Thank heavens he’s looking okay and well now and it’s my birth month! Yayyyyy! I love birthday, especially mine. Lol. And I got some birthday tricks and treats up my sleeve so bear with this queen of all things clumsy and crazy and read on and let’s keep the fun going!


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